Thursday, 15 February, 2007

What is the solution?

In India, the number of pending cases is estimated to be more than 3 crores and in order to clear these cases, it will take more than 324 years!!! Then what will happen to the cases getting accumulated during these 324 years?

Is there a solution for this?


Praveen said...

i think that our judiciary has to work 24x7(just like the 24hr call centres) in order to clear the cases which are more than 10 years old and even without a single sitting or hearing.

Anonymous said...

1.. More than half these cases can be thrown out within a year by studying case files. This can be done by the administrative wing with the help of law students. I am ready to guide.

2.. While registering / admitting new cases, it should be ensured that they are not flimsy, malicious, false.

3.. Dates should not be given routinely. For every date asked there should be reason in writing and heavy fine.

4.. There should be two shifts in all courts.

5.. Various vacations like Diwali Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Summer Vacation, a colonial hangover, should be abolished.

6.. Zero tolerance to Corruption in courts. Judges/magistrates who deliberately give wrong orders should be penalised, suspended or dismissed once the complaint is proved prima facie.

7.. Judges / magistrates should be given proper training and continuing education. Many of them
are ruefully ignorant or downright stupid.

8.. Courts should be computerised and ONLY one language should be followed -- English. Those who cannot understand English can be given help in translation. In examination or cross examination mother tongue in courts is anyway allowed. But recordings should be
ONLY in English. Otherwise lot of time is wasted in translating and dictating orders in vernacular languages.

9.. There should be heavy penalties to govt.officials / police and others who put false cases misusing their power and positions.

10. Police custody, jail custody should not be given in minor cases. Bail rather than jail should be the norm.

11. Legal expenses should not be tax exempt. That will curb so many unnecessary appeals as a result.

12. Alternative Justice Redressal Systems like Lok Adalats, Panchayati Courts, Travelling Courts should be given precedence.

13. There should be Supreme Court benches in major metros.

14. In the absence of Jury System the Commoner Judges should be appointed in all courts right up to the Supreme Court, because the present justice delivery system is top heavy, too technical and less on commonsense.
Many a time the technicalities derail the justice.

15. Like cameras are allowed in Parliament, cameras should also be
allowed in courts. That will help check corruption and judicial excesses and human rights violations which are ignored by the Court.

16. In Consumer Courts, Family Courts and other summary courts Advocates should NOT be allowed.

Dr. Leo Rebello
President, Litigants Welfare Forum, Bombay

denis said...

Long Live Republic of INDIA

By Denis Susigaran

Rajan said...

The most corrupt people are at the top.Police has to be trained and made honest first.
It will never happen.
The system is too full of corrupt people standing in the way of honesty implementation in every aspect of indian society.Ask yourself who owns the big businesses of India ? How did they make it ? Are they honest ?
I wrote a complaint to they did not even reply to my emails repeatedly.
This is how india works.
There is absolutely no justice in Indian life.If you have any doubts ask me.

Haritha said...

1. Courts should work 24/7 as how the police station works. There should not be a holiday even in weekends except the government holdiays to close the daily filed cases.

If the cases/files are closed daily there will not be any pending cases.

if an accust is judged as a criminal in high court then should not be permitted to appeal in supreme court.

2.Accust should be immediately punished by the law he should not be given hearing. and order should be maintained strictly. whomever is agianst the law should be punished even he is a higher official/minister.

4.Before filing a case proper enquiry should be done as wrong/false cases should not be filed or registered.

5. young and educated people should become a politician. future india is our hands Come let us fought for india.

india in 20 said...

INDIA is second largest population in world and their leaders( president of india, government of india, politicians of india ) are only less that 0.1 ratio of our population. so each individual should have some views & roles in our nation to become superpower in year 2020.

jackmumbai said...

one solution can be the appointment of more number of judges and officials who can solve the cases without any delays....a fixed timeline or deadline must be stipulated to solve a particular kind of case and bodies like supreme court should act as a watchdog and see that nobody crosses those deadlines....strict actions like fine, suspention, etc should be taken against those who deliberately delay the cases